Demo: Call of Juarez

Demo: Call of Juarez

Published On August 29, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

If you can pull yourself away from slaying Big Daddy’s and Harvesting Adam, a demo for the recently released shooter Call of Juarez has stumbled onto the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Weighing in at 708.79 MB this demo will give you a taste of what the full release has to offer from developers Techland and publishers Ubisoft.

Read on for some details on the game, should you have been living under some tumble weed over the past few months.

Call of Juarez captures the brutality and ruthlessness that turned the American Frontier into a theatre of war. Players will experience legendary Wild West action including duels at high noon, gruesome shootouts and bar-room brawls. An authentic Wild West single player campaign puts players into the world of both the hunter AND the hunted, each equipped with contrasting weaponry, styles and motives. The intense multiplayer mode pits you against the others in a frenzied blaze of gunfire and action in a rich variety of different maps and landscapes.

An intriguing tale of innocence, guilt and murder, Billy Candle, accused of the murder of his family finds himself hunted by Reverend Ray McCall. Determined to prove his innocence, Billy must face all odds to save his honor. Play both sides of the coin, hunt Billy as the Reverend convinced of your cause, and play Billy as the hunted, convinced of your innocence.

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