December DLC bug hits The Last Remnant

December DLC bug hits The Last Remnant

Published On November 26, 2008 | By Lauren Wainwright | News

December seems to be the best month for DLC. Not only are Fable 2 and Tomb Raider Underworld both receiving content, those currently wading through Square Enix’s latest Xbox 360 RPG ‘The Last Remnant’ will feel the love as well. The DLC will release on numerous dates in December and most of the content will be free.

The 1st of December will see “Purgatory Sins Challenge Pack” available for download. This pack is free and will contain a new set of guild tasks for those deeper in the game. The ‘Ancient Ruin’ key’s will also be released on the 1st for gold members of Xbox Live and on the 8th for silver members; this pack is also free and unlocks a dungeon in the game.

The ‘March to War’ DLC will add 3 new battle formations: Scatterswarm, Catapult and Goblet. This will be released on the 15th of December and will cost 100 Microsoft Points.

Lastly, the second challenge pack “The Price of Lies” will be available from the 22nd of December for gold or 29th for silver members of Xbox Live. This pack will also be free and will contain even harder guild challenges for players to throw their mini-army towards.

Download the packs from The Last Remnant Marketplace.

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