Dead Rising and Lost Planet to remain 360 Exclusive

Dead Rising and Lost Planet to remain 360 Exclusive

Published On March 26, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Capom’s senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, has stated on the developers official forums that both Dead Rising and Lost Planet will remain Xbox 360 exclusives for the forseeable future.

It comes just under a week after Capcom announced that Devil May Cry 4 would indeed be coming to the 360, as had long been suspected. Svensson said, when asked if current Xbox 360 exclusives would be going multiplatform:
“The answer is Dead Rising and Lost Planet are not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go. The reasons for this are quite convoluted and I’m bound by NDAs on these matters so I can’t divulge why this is the situation.

The quote delivered above references our strategy moving forward, not something that is necessarily retroactive. You can see evidence of this with our previously stated RE5 plans going to 360 and PS3 simultaneously.”

I wonder what the SDF will have to say about this…

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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