'De-listed' Arcade titles will still be supported

‘De-listed’ Arcade titles will still be supported

Published On May 27, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Microsoft has reassured us today that we’ll still be able to download delisted Live Arcade titles if you already own them, play them online and also make the leaderboards.

Basically they’ll be removing some games from the Arcade list, but still supporting them for those who already own the game, which is good news if the rumours are true of what games could be departing us.

It follows an interview with Marc Whitten who revealed that older and poorer scoring Live Arcade titles would be deleted, leaving people to believe that games they had purchased would become obsolute.

The size of Arcade games will be on the increase yet again with titles now being able to be in the region of 350MB in size rather than 150MB as before, though some special titles were previously allowed to break this barrier.

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