Could this be the camera and quick charge dock?

Could this be the camera and quick charge dock?

Published On February 23, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Rumours have been circling around websites about this picture of the supposedly Xbox 360 camera. This is a scan taken from the Chinese Official Xbox magazine.

Well a source from Microsoft said that this isn’t the final design of the camera but it will look more like what we have previously seen.

Want some juicy specs to cheer you up?

  • 30 FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Capture images – So you can see my face when I get the high score in PDZ
  • Gesture gameplay – Hand signals to tell your troops to engage
  • Video Chat – Built in microphone

Sounds good doesn’t it?

I’m going to end this news piece with something for you to think about

Well there goes my money spent on a Play and Charge kit.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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