Could this be another nail in the PS3's coffin?

Could this be another nail in the PS3’s coffin?

Published On July 21, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Some rather interesting news hit our desk this morning regarding PS3 pre-prders. Yes I know this is a 360 site and no I haven’t posted the news in the wrong place, but hear me out as all you Xbox 360 fans will be chuckling away once you read this.

It seems that consumers who want the new PS3 console from Sony will have to put a deposit down for it. Nothing new there, but think about this, to pre-order the Xbox 360 gamers had to put as little as £5 even £0 to secure their console. Well to secure a PS3 you will have to put down a £150 pre-order down, yes thats one five and zero.

Tommorows issue of MCV will reveal that Sony are currently having talks with retailers about setting up this £150 system to help with the Christmas rush. They say that the new system will ensure that console allocation will be fairly managed.

Sony have in fact confirmed that these talks will be taking place, but for more info check out MCV. Is this a revolutionary idea in the world of pre-orders,or is it another blow to the already unstable PS3? We’ll let you decide that one.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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