Contribute towards 360Monster

Contribute towards 360Monster

Published On December 23, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

As you can likely appreciate, keeping a site running like this costs money, time and energy.  No-one on this site gets paid for the immensely hard work that they do, contributing to the site on a daily basis and keeping you visitors up to date with the latest news, reviews and previews for the Xbox 360.

We all know how lovely and generous you lot are, so we’ve now given you the opportunity to give back to us!  We’ve opened up a paypal account, ([email protected]).  This account is for the sole purpose of voluntary contributions from you visitors!

We don’t believe its fair to force anyone to pay for our services, but we do appreciate any and all contributions towards the site, big or small.

You’re contributions won’t go to waste!  We’ll use any and all money you give us to pay for this site.  As well as that, we’ll use the spare cash to pay for PRIZEs for you guys and gals.  These prizes can and will range from an Xbox 360 game all the way to an Xbox 360 itself!

We would like to thank anyone and everyone who does contribute towards the site, but again we stress that we’re not trying to force you.  If you enjoy the site, find it informative and fun to be on, and would like to give back to the 360 monster team, simply click the button below, enter the amount you would like to add, and click submit!

Thanks again

The 360 Monster Team

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