Content: Overlord

Content: Overlord

Published On July 5, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

Codemasters have released some brand-new content for you little minions. You can download all the content below via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace (New Arrivals).

Overlord Theme
The Overlord and Mistresses for you to download as a dashboard theme.
Price: 150 Microsoft Points

Overlord Picture Pack

pictures from the bizarre world of Overlord
Price: 100 Microsoft Points

The game focuses around an evil overlord who can command up to 50 minions at the same time. This demonic warrior is resurrected by minors hoping that he’ll bring balance to their world. Set in a rather rough Ruined Tower, you’ll be able to control the overlord and perform a variety of different tasks, including upgrading your weapons, magical powers, and most importantly your characters attributes. Evil quests will earn gold to replenish your stats and make your tower look…pretty. The easiest way to obtain gold is to beat up innocent peasants, kill generations of people – what ever you deem necessary to complete your goals and become the most evil Overlord in the WORLD!!! MWUAHAHAHAH [Ahem sorry] Doing this will cause the people of the land to become terrified of you. (Which is a good thing)

Expect our full in-depth review soon. Let us know if you’ll be downloading this content by leaving your comments below.

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