Content: Alien Hominid HD

Content: Alien Hominid HD

Published On June 20, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

The Behemoth release some brand new content for their hand-drawn masterpiece – Alien Hominid HD which can now be downloaded via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace.

Hominid HD – PDA Classic Pack 2
Even more levels from your favorite developers, The Behemoth. Grab three of your best friends and try out these amazing new levels. This pack contains 100 new PDA levels.
Price: 150 Microsoft Points

Alien Hominid HD – Classic Picture Pack 2
Part 2 of the ClassicSeries. These 5 Gamer Pictures will make your friends jealous and make your Gamercard fashionable.
Price: 100 Microsoft Points

Alien Hominid HD – Creator Series
The Creator Series contains some serious poultry action! It even includes a very large fork! Purchase these 5 Gamer Pictures today and make your console happy again!
Price: 100 Microsoft Points

If you’ve yet to purchase Alien Hominid HD you can read our Xbox Live Arcade Mini-Review. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing any of the content above by leaving us your comments below.

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