Community created 360 titles launch Autumn

Community created 360 titles launch Autumn

Published On July 23, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

It’s been a while since we heard about the XNA community games but finally after some teasing at the E3 conference last week, Microsoft has lifted the lid on when the first homebrew titles will be released.

First up is the cost. We all knew that these wouldn’t be distributed for nothing and the cheapest will set you back 200 Microsoft Points (£1.66) with other price points of 400 MS Points (£3.32) and 800 MS Points (£6.64).

All of the games which are produced by the XNA Creators Club will go on sale this autumn. Not all games will make the cut though, with fellow XNA creators rating games before they are added to the Community catalouge on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Developers who are succesful will make a pretty 70 percent revenue generated by the games sold online. Games that sell for the lowest price of 200 MS Points will be fairly small at 50MB each and will presumably be fairly basic. The other two tiers can go as high as 150MB.

A demo of each game will be avaliable like the Arcade titles but the sad news is that Achievement, avatar or Live Party support will erm not be supported. And for freeloaders like myself, there will be no FREE games. Because they are just as tight as me it seems.

We’ll keep you updated on the launch and presumably will cover the launch titles more in-depth when we receive them.

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