Cloning Clyde coming to the Arcade

Cloning Clyde coming to the Arcade

Published On April 6, 2006 | By Chris Brandrick | News

NinjaBee, the team behind popular Xbox Live Aracde game Outpost Kaloki X are gearing up to release their second title for the 360.

Cloning Clyde, their new game, is a unique 3D adventure and puzzle game. The main character, who, you guessed, it goes by the name of Clyde got himself involved in some cloning experiments in return for cash, but now he finds himself in a lab, with himself, and lots of them! So help Clyde combine, clone, and mutate his way out of the now crazy lab!

Cloning Clyde makes full use of Xbox 360’s advanced processing, graphics, sound, and unique Xbox Live® online game service features achievements, leaderboards, online play, and more! And if that was not enough in addition to a single-player story and individual challenging scenarios, a great multiplayer split-screen and online mode is also included featuring both co-op and vs. modes!

You can find out more information about Clyde and his clones from the NinjaBee website at

Be on the lookout for Cloning Clyde, coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you!

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