Chromehounds Part Pack goes LIVE!

Chromehounds Part Pack goes LIVE!

Published On July 20, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

The new Chromehounds part pack is now on the marketplace and is of course completly free. The parts that are available for download are –

Light Arms WP-SG003

A lightweight sniper rifle which comes with a smaller magazine to reduce weight.

Heavy Arms WC-HC034
A giant double barreled canon with awesome destructive power.

Assist Part AX-AM002

Additional armour to help protect your precious Hound.

Pattern WWII Tricolour Camo
A World War II Inspired Camo kit to brighten up your Hound.

These can only be used in the online mode on Chromehounds, to use them you must must first download them from the marketplace then buy them for $0 from the Hounds shop.

There are more part packs coming, but we doubt that they will be free of charge.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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