Capcom Unveils Street Fighter 4

Capcom Unveils Street Fighter 4

Published On October 18, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

It’s time for Street Fighter fans to pull a smile as during a recent Capcom Gamer’s Day event in London, Street Fighter 4 was unveiled to the gaming press. Being well over a year away until its release there isn’t much to go on at the moment except the teaser trailer (shown below).

After viewing the teaser we are left with many questions such as will it be in 2D or 3D? What selection of characters will be in the game? Will it be stylised in this ink art direction (which we think is pretty cool)? When is it going to be released? Which platforms will it be on? Can we see more…?

Until Capcom can give us answers to these questions we will have to make do with the teaser trailer, which is pretty good in itself! Enjoy…

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