Capcom Releasing Six New 360 Titles in 2007

Capcom Releasing Six New 360 Titles in 2007

Published On December 28, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

In an Investor Relations Report, Capcom have revealed it will be releasing 77 new titles across all platforms throughout 2007, six of which will be released on the Xbox 360. Capcom expects the six 360 titles to sell around 2.25 million copies in total.

So what could these six titles be? Well one is Lost Planet which releases on January 12th. The second could well be Resident Evil 5 but with news on that being scarce, it seems unlikely. Dead Rising 2 is another possibility and with the original being a big success it wouldn’t be at all surprising.

What about Devil May Cry 4? That’s been rumoured for the 360 for a long time. So that makes one definite and three possibilites. Feel free to speculate on the other two…

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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