Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Extinction' Mode

Call Of Duty: Ghosts ‘Extinction’ Mode

Published On October 28, 2013 | By Sam Finch | News

As release draws nearer, and controversy continues to stir over the rumoured difference in screen resolutions offered by the two big next-gen systems,Call of Duty: Ghostssaid to be operating at a meagre 720p on the Xbox One beside the expected 1080p on the PS4, perhaps a timely blessing for Activision and Infinity Ward as details of their counter to Treyarch’s zombies mode become more clear. Not to be caught flogging a dead corpse, Infintiy Ward have diverged from the well-beaten path and left the undead to rot in peace.

‘Extinction’ seems to the the name of the game, and from leaked screens and theless-enigmatic-than-it-considers-itself-to-beteaser flash from the Call of Duty instagram page, it’s pretty much a dead cert that where Treyarch have put their gold bars in the hands of the living dead, Infinity Ward are looking towards the stars for the inspiration behind their cooperative multiplayer ‘fun’ mode which I’m sure, based on the heaps of hours I’ve burned felling zombies, will prove a timesink of equal or greater calibre. Zombies aside, I have always been under the impression that Infinity Ward bring out the better quality iterations in the franchise, so I’m holding a lot of faith in what they have to offer.

Leaked screens seemingly from Extinction mode, posted online via reddit/imgur user.

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