Bungie apologises to fans.

Bungie apologises to fans.

Published On March 19, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

After our recent news about Halo 3’s Legendary Box Set, in Bungie’s weekly update – Bungie have been very apologetic for the $30 increase for the Legendary Edition but claims “hardcore collectors… will be pleased with the end result”

The recent announcement by Microsoft for three edition’s of the most popular game ever designed – Halo, Bungie wanted to say that Microsoft’s announcement on pricing was a;

red-faced admission that it’s going to be $30 more expensive than the estimated retail price used by retailers for pre-orders. Much as they telegraphed the fact that this price and content could be subject to change, it’s fair to say that these things usually don’t change. So apologies for that, but I think hardcore collectors will be pleased with the end result.

Developer Frank O’Connor went on to say;

“The thing is truly lovely in real life, from the finish of the helmet itself, to the operation of the box and its sleeve. It reeks of quality and attention to detail and for fans, it’s probably worth every penny”.

So are you going to purchase the Legendary Edition for $129.99 or skip it? Let us know via the comment box below.

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