Boom Blox 'surprise success' for EA

Boom Blox ‘surprise success’ for EA

Published On July 30, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Boom Blox for the Wii is selling quite well. Infact EA are ‘surprisingly happy’ with the success of the casual title for the console.

The game sold 60,000 units across North America in May; however at the time the game was believed to be under-performing. That was until it was mentioned that this was in one week!

During a conference today discussing earnings and all that jazz, the EA CEO John Riccitiello stated that the game “continues to sell well”. Over 450,000 units have now sold worldwide; an impressive figure for a game which we gave 87%.

Our David loved the title and said: “Boom Blox is a one-of-a-kind game which wouldn’t have the same effect on any other console and the multiplayer is one to match the high standard set by Wii Sports.”. Enough said.

Causal titles have a habit of selling for longer than the hardcore titles, so Boom Blox could surpass half a million units very soon indeed.

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