Blazing Angels Achievements Revealed

Blazing Angels Achievements Revealed

Published On March 16, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Ubisoft recently released the full list of achievements available on the flight-sim ‘Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII’. The game will see you fly in some of the greatest aircraft ever created, what’s more you will be able to fight online against pilots from all over the globe.


The Ace of Aces
You are the best pilot! You have achieved the highest score in all campaign modes to prove it!

Survivor means ‘the one who outlives the other’.You have outlived your foes in arcade mode.

Ace Killer:
You are recognised as the Ace killer. All other Aces have accepted defeat.

You fought through WWII and lived to tell the tale.

Few pilots have ever earned combat excellence and all medals, good thing you have.

With valor comes recognition, your rank shows your true measure.

You have unlocked all the unlockable and become a true collector.

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Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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