BestBuy 360 allocations revealed!

BestBuy 360 allocations revealed!

Published On November 13, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

Thanks to Dantidote from the forums, the exact number of xbox 360 allocations to each BestBuy store has been revealed.  If you’re from America, and have pre-ordered from or plan to goto BestBuy, first check their website,, type in your store in the store locator which will give you the number of your store, then simply look at the correct image below to find out how many core and premium packages your local BestBuy is getting!

ALL INFORMATION COURTESY OF dopeboyfresh67 and Dantidote

Stores 4 – 58

Stores 59 – 152

Stores 153 – 204

Stores 205 – 255

Stores 256 -306

Stores 307 – 357

Stores 358 – 409

Stores 410 – 461

Stores 462 – 514

Stores 515 – 566

Stores 567 – 654

Stores 655 – 809

Stores 810 – 863

Stores 865 – 1017

Stores 1022 – 1054

Pro= Premium Package, Core = Core Package

And for you lucky Americans: 9 DAYS TO GO!

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