Beautiful Katamari Gameplay

Beautiful Katamari Gameplay

Published On July 24, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Beautiful Katamari is a simple game, which consists of light, addictive game play. In this game, the soul objective is for the Katamari to gain size by ‘sticking’ to objects which it rolls over. At the beginning of the game you start with small urban objects, and then as you advance through the game you get access to areas which have larger objects, eventually enabling you to ‘stick’ to buildings, and monuments.

This short video demonstrates the game play and the simplicity of ‘Beautiful Katamari’, and how the player eventually progresses from the once small objects to the full buildings – and destruction of the city, in an ‘oh so simple, and colourful format’. Enjoy! 😀

Originally Written By: Jon Evans

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