Battlefield 2: Modern Combat trailer on XLM

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat trailer on XLM

Published On March 7, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

As the saying goes, you wait for one and three come along at once. We have more XLM news for you, with the release of a Battlefield 2: Modern Combat trailer. This trailer comes in both 480p and 720p formats and weighs in at 9.06MB and 56.83MB respectively.

People should be aware that this trailer is the same as the one that’s floating around on the internet the other week, so nothing exclusive here and if you have seen it before then its probably not worth your bandwidth.

The trailer shows actual in-game footage of a variety of snowy and desert maps, all edited in a movie trailer style.

Fans of the PC version should be in for a real treat when BF2: MC lands in our drive trays this month. Should you wish to pre-order this game, why not help support what we do here at 360Monster and pre-order through our affiliate links at and

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