Battle of the map packs - CoD4 or Halo 3?

Battle of the map packs – CoD4 or Halo 3?

Published On May 3, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

Today we bring you our third snippet from our Monster Month articles. With both downloadable content packs readily available on Xbox LIVE we ask ourselves…

Battle of the map packs – CoD4 or Halo 3?

Chris – Personally, I prefer the COD4 maps as they add more gameplay to the original maps such as Creek which offers a lot of outdoor combat, like Overgrown but better. However, the new Forge items and features that come with the Halo 3 map pack are quite fun.

Dave – I own both Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 and personally I tend to sway towards Halo 3 for multiplayer. I chose not to buy either of the map packs mainly due to the fact I’m saving 800 Microsoft Points for the XBOX Live Arcade version of Peggle.

Anthony – I’ve not been able to pick any of these up this month. Halo 3 doesn’t interest me at all, it never has really. I’ve not had the time to look into the current CoD4 maps let alone a couple of new ones! From what I hear though – one of the maps isn’t being played much at all online which leaves the map pack very little much to be desired. I’ll wait until it becomes free in a couple of months.

Craig – I’ve been lucky enough to review both these map packs, and they are both excellent. Halo 3 had started to gather dust but the map pack made me polish the disc and start playing it again. Paying the hefty price of 1600 Ms points for both certainly threw me back a bit, but its worth it in the end.

You can read the Call of Duty Map Pack review here and the Halo 3 map pack review here!

Thomas – Definitely has to be the Halo 3 map pack, as it brings the arrival of 2 long awaited maps. The remake of Lockout was a map that I have been dying to play again, and so uber kudos to Bungie for releasing it. Also, Avalanche finally brings a huge map designed for more vehicular based combat, which I am absolutely loving, and you simply can’t beat launching yourself from various man cannons while riding the mongoose!

Reece – As previously expressed by Ant, I also have little interest in Halo 3 and will wait for both to be reduced in price (likely to free) in the coming months. In my opinion both games shipped with a fair selection of maps and due to not playing either game as frequent as I would like, I see little reason to shell out for more content which I will not truly make use of.

Joey – I’m going to have to side with CoD4 on this one. I have missed Lockout a ton, but between Chinatown and Killhouse I’m having a ton of fun. I will say that the only map that has me frustrated time and time again is creek. A lot of snipers have figured a way to position themselves inside the model of some of the creek’s trees. Checking the kill cam, I’ve noticed plenty of shots coming from within a tree. Awesome. Add that to the fact that if you’re in the creek bed, you’re probably going to be rocked by someone from a higher vantage point and you’re screwed.

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