Augustana New Live Artist of the Month

Augustana New Live Artist of the Month

Published On October 5, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Jessica Simpsons reign as artist of the month has come to an end and now we welcome the relatively unknown Augustana.

Augustana is a band that was originally formed when its first members met at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. Dan Layus and Josiah Rosen had found some success with their music, so they decided to quit school and move to Los Angeles with the hope of becoming a successful, professional band. Then-bassist Simeon Lorhmann decided to stay and finish school, after which he joined the band Pennington.

The new group was officially formed in California in 2004. Their first major-label album, All the Stars and Boulevards, was produced by Epic Records and catapulted them into the spotlight. The band is perhaps best known for their single, Boston, the music video for which features the lead singer on a beach full of pianos. Augustana’s contemplative, melodic sound is characterized by numerous piano lines and the breathy vocals of frontman Layus.

The band will also be online with ‘Game with Fame‘ which means us avergae joes will get a chance to whoop Augustana on Live.

Dan Layus had this to say about being artist of the month, “Being the Xbox Live ‘Artist of the Month’ is a great opportunity for us to play against and chat with our fans around world,

Look out for more news on their venture online in ‘Game with Fame’.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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