Arcade: Hexic 2 & Ecco the Dolphin

Arcade: Hexic 2 & Ecco the Dolphin

Published On August 15, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

It’s Wednesday and it’s that time to download some new gaming nuggets from Xbox LIVE Arcade. As reported earlier this week there are two releases today, these being Hexic 2 and Ecco the Dolphin. Both Arcade titles are available to download now for 800 and 400 MS Points respectively. More details on both can be found below.

Hexic 2
Building on the success of Hexic HD, Hexic 2 brings all-new pieces to the board and a new multiplayer mode, so you can compete with friends in your living room or over Xbox LIVE.

The basic gameplay is straightforward, familiar, and addictive—just spin a trio of hexes to create a group of three or more matching colors, or build a formation of hexes to create more advanced pieces. Whether you want a relaxing puzzle break or a frantic race against the clock, Hexic 2 has you covered!

  • Acclaimed developer: Hexic 2 is another challenging puzzle hit from Alexey Pajitnov, the original creator of Tetris.
  • New challenges: All-new special pieces, different formations, and modes keep Hexic 2 challenging even for the veteran Hexic player.
  • Multiplayer competition: Amp up the gaming excitement playing multiplayer on the same console or over Xbox LIVE (up to two players) in Battle Mode.
  • Easy to learn: The gameplay is straightforward, approachable, and highly addictive.
  • Stunning visuals: The game is rendered in full 3-D with stunning special effects such as reflections, glow, and spectacular highlights.
  • 800 MS Points

Ecco the Dolphin
Gamers can also travel through time this Wednesday with “Ecco the Dolphin” (SEGA), a fun, whimsical update of the classic undersea exploration game featuring an online leaderboard that tracks “Best Time,” and includes enhanced graphics and sound.

  • 400 MS Points

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