Announcement: Shadow Harvest

Announcement: Shadow Harvest

Published On January 31, 2008 | By Luke De'ath | News

Today Black Lion Studios’ have announced a brand new IP entitled – Shadow Harvest to be released on PC and Xbox 360 Platforms Q1 2009.

The year is 2025, you’ll take control of two players – Aron Alvarez & Myra Lee, as part of an Elite Black Ops Unit. You’ll be posted throughout the globe on assignments which can be completed cooperatively with a friend via Xbox Live or with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) character.

To achieve maximum success on missions you’ll need to learn all skills both characters can offer you. Myra’s stealth, flexibility and intelligence against Arons’ more openly aggressive tactics.

Don’t forget to check out all the latest screenshots in our 360 Media Bunker.

We can wait to hear more about this title, we’ll bring you all the latest details once they come available. Let us know your first impressions by leaving your comments below.

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