Agent 47 makes his way to the 360

Agent 47 makes his way to the 360

Published On April 3, 2006 | By Chris Brandrick | News

Today Eidos Interactive confirmed that Agent 47 and his antics in popular series, Hitman, will be making its way to the Xbox 360 in the form of ‘Hitman: Blood Money’.

The game, developed by IO Interactive, is due to hit stores sometime this spring, and now the assassination will be taken to whole new levels in glorious Hi-Def.

Neil Donnell, Executive Producer said:

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360. The development team at IO have engineered and developed the game to harness and exploit the latest in graphics and game technology so Xbox 360 is the ideal platform to demonstrate this work in HD. Gamers will be in for a real treat when they get their hands on this game and are able to fulfill their wildest Hitman fantasies.”

Expect more on this title in the coming weeks!

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