A change to the Fable 2 Collector's Edition

A change to the Fable 2 Collector’s Edition

Published On October 1, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | News

Microsoft have seen fit to change the beautiful contents of the Fable 2 Collector’s Edition. Why you ask?

“Due to supply chain issues, we are revising the Fable II Limited Collector’s Edition and the estimated retail price will be reduced from $79.99 to $69.99* USD in North America or as applicable in your market. *These are estimated retail prices; actual retail prices may vary worldwide.

The premium box, five printed fate cards, and Hobbe figure will not be available as part of the Limited Collector’s Edition. We apologize for any inconvenience. “

So, what will be included in the Collector’s Edition now? Why I am glad you asked!

  • Fable II game disc
  • Bonus DVD with new ‘Making-of’ Feature
  • Bonus in-game content (requires Xbox LIVE®)
    • ‘The Hall of the Dead’ Dungeon
    • ‘The Wreckager’ Legendary Cutlass Weapon
    • Spartan armor and energy sword

As I can expect, a lot of you will be extremely upset at losing the chance to obtain a Hobbe figure, so for all you poor souls, sob.

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