360Monster to undergo expansion

360Monster to undergo expansion

Published On September 12, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

With the launch of the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii creeping up on us all (well at least for you Americans!) 360Monster will be undergoing a major expansion process. We are now very pleased to officially announce that PS3Monster.com, WiiMonster.com and also ConsoleMonster.com will be launching later on this year!

PS3Monster.com will launch around the time of the Playstation 3’s release in North America. It will feature all the latest news, reviews and previews regarding Sony’s highly anticipated next-gen console, and will be the ideal place for each and every Sony Fanboy!

WiiMonster.com will cover Nintendos upcoming next-gen console, the Nintendo Wii, and will also launch around the same time that Nintendo’s next-gen console hits the shelves. Much like PS3Monster and 360Monster, WiiMonster will feature the latest news, reviews and previews for the Nintendo Wii.

ConsoleMonster.com will work as the central “hub” for the three console sites. Featuring a round up of all the news, reviews and previews from all three sites, ConsoleMonster.com is going to be the ideal place for anyone who has a love for all three next-gen consoles and wants a daily scoop of next-gen console goodness.

We will be expanding on our community involvement throughout the four sites, with the inclusion of user reviews and community tournaments. Our already buzzing community will continue to join in the chatting fun, as we will be merging all four sites into one forum, but will also have separate sections of the forum for those who wish to keep their distance from other sites, or wish to talk to their specific site visitors.

With the inclusion of three new sites coming along later this year, we are also working on a brand new design scheme to coincide with their launch. All four sites will have a new design and will feature new and exciting features for our community. To start off the new design, we are very pleased to reveal to you the brand new logo identity that we will be using for all four websites.

You will be seeing the beginnings of the logos in our new game and interview videos for the site. First of which will be an exclusive demonstration of Joytech’s new box of tricks for the Xbox360, the Joytech Control Center and also the NeoCommunicator.

Make sure you check back at 360Monster.com regularly for updates on the sites, which will be announced in the community forums.

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