360Monster chat to Fifa Interactive World Cup Champion

360Monster chat to Fifa Interactive World Cup Champion

Published On February 1, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

The Fifa Interactive World Cup was held in December 2005, with Chris Bullard, an 18 year old from England, taking the title of World Champion.

We took 10 minutes of his life and sat down to chat with him.

Firstly, Huge congratulations on becoming the first English Fifa Interactive World Cup champion, how does it feel?

A: Thanks, it’s an amazing feeling to be the world champion at anything let alone Fifa which I’ve enjoyed playing over the last 10 years or so. Being the first English Champion and winning it for my country hasn’t entered my mind that much yet, my feet haven’t touched the floor from winning the tournament and going to Zurich.

What was going through your mind as you were playing the final?

A: “I’m going to be World Champ”, “I’m going to be World Champ”. I had already beat the guy I played in the final 3-1 in the group stages quite comfortably. So I was pretty confident going into it and throughout the game. Getting a man sent off in the 20th minute probably helped me in some ways to try even harder. Never would of dreamed winning 5-2 in the Final.

Since your Win, have you had alot of publicity? Do people walk down the street and ask for your autograph?

A: No, not at all really. About 2 people have come up to me in a nightclub who recognised me the same day I was on the front of my local news paper but apart from that I’ve only had a couple of interviews and a photo shoot.

Did you ever think you would be World Champion?

A: Yes, I knew I had a big chance of winning it because I was the second highest ranked person in the tournament on Xbox live and I knew if I could win the Xbox live bit I could win the whole thing because I had played more on that day. Although playing Fifa from 10am until 5pm took it out of me a bit.

Have you won any competitions since winning the Interactive World Cup?

A: No, I haven’t known of any or entered in any. I think there is a big lack of competitions at the moment concerning football games such as Pro Evo and Fifa. I look to be entering the World Cyber Games competition in the summer and I’m involved in an unofficial Fifa league which is far from being finished.

How long have you been playing the FIFA series? Have you always been really good?

A: Yes, I’ve been playing since Fifa 97 on the SEGA Megadrive and I always use to beat all my mates when I was little….and now.

Do you have any tips for FIFA wannabe’s out there on how to improve their game?

A: Best thing anyone can do is play on Xbox Live against people, you won’t learn anything playing against the computer. Even if people are losing every game on Xbox Live they will be able to pick up tactics from watching what other people do. I lost a lot of games on the Xbox which has helped me become the World Champion.

You’re obviously a fan of real football, who do you support, and who is your favourite player?

A: I’m a supporter of Chelsea and I follow my local side Ipswich Town. In the good old days Zola was my favourite player, but now I would have to say Frank Lampard.

Besides FIFA, what is your favourite Xbox 360 game so far?

A: Need For Speed: Most Wanted, That’s the only other game I’ve been playing. I have other but NFS has been addictive. I also enjoy playing Halo 2 on the Xbox, don’t think I will be world champion of Halo any time soon though.

Which games are you looking forward to?

A: Final Fantasy XI and Halo 3 I’m looking forward to. I don’t know much about any other games coming out. Look forward to the next Hockey game from EA Sports but I will be checking magazines every now and then to read reviews about games that are coming out.

And finally, the all important question. Which is Better: Pro Evolution Soccer 5 or FIFA: RTWC?

A: FIFA: RTWC, although World Cup Italia 90 beats them both hands down any day. I don’t want to get started on Pro Evo.

Thanks alot for speaking to us. Good luck in the future.

Thanks guys.

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