360 Not As Powerful As PS3 - Hirai

“360 Not As Powerful As PS3” – Hirai

Published On January 9, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Sony President Kaz Hirai has commented on suggestions that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are equal in terms of power, by stating that it is “simply not true”.

No other next generation entertainment system pushes the envelope on advanced technology like PS3. People say that a high-capacity game delivery vehicle like Blu-ray isn’t necessary in a next generation computer entertainment system. But you just can’t expect that 9GBs of storage capacity found on today’s DVDs are going to have enough space to hold tomorrow’s games. Resistance: Fall of Man simply wouldn’t be possible on any other system without using multiple discs.” said Hirai in an interview with Blu-Ray Daily.

Speaking of the PS3’s launch, Hirari said:
A worldwide launch for any console is quite ambitious. In fact, it has never been done before [Note to Sony, see Xbox 360 launch – Scott]. I suppose if we had simply done a mild upgrade to the PS2 and not pushed the envelope so hard, it would have been easier on ourselves. However, if we did that every time, we wouldn’t be Sony.”

Finally, Hirai spoke about the problems that have dogged the PS3 in the run up to launch day.
I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the difficulties we encountered in the production of the blue laser diode for the PlayStation 3, which ultimately delayed the launch of PlayStation 3. We were asking our teams to develop millions of components for the PlayStation 3, like the Blu-ray Disc player and cell broadband engine, that had previously only been produced in the thousands.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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