360 HD-DVD drive will not allow game storage

360 HD-DVD drive will not allow game storage

Published On January 6, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

Microsoft have today reaffirmed that the HD-DVD Drive that they announced yesterday that will be externally used on the Xbox 360 will be used for movies only.

The comment comes after alot of speculation that maybe the HD-DVD Drive could be used for game storage.  Peter Moore told Gamespot:  “Right now it’s focused purely on movie playback. Think of the drive as something that lets you play high-definition movies on the Xbox 360”

The main problem with this is that Sony’s Playstation 3 will be fully utilising the 50GB of space on Blu-Ray discs, allowing for massive games to be stored on one disc. 

Moore admits that the obvious battle for Next-Generation console domination will be down to personal taste with regards to disc storage, much like that of VHS vs Betamax – and we all know who won that one!

The failure to allow games to be store on HD-DVD’s and used on the Xbox 360 could be a major downfall in Microsoft’s strategy, because they are loosing out on the extra storage space that, in reality, they really need to stay in contest with Sony’s massive Blu-Ray disc storage.

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