2 new Rare games in the works...

2 new Rare games in the works…

Published On October 26, 2005 | By Console Monster | News

Can anyone actually say that Nintendo have missed Rare since they were sold to Microsoft a while back?

Food for thought indeed, but the jury is still strongly out on Rare and the critics will be hard at work analysing their 360 launch titles – Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero.

XBOX VP Peter Moore has revealed in an interview with MTV news that the Microsoft company already have another two titles in the 360 pipeline, set for release in the spring of 2006.

While nothing has been confirmed about this titles we can purely speculate that the titles will be a follow-ups to the hit N64 titles Banjo-Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini.

Microsoft will be hoping that Rare can recapture their glory days in order to ensure that their purchase a few years back was worth while.

We’ll keep you updated as always, on 360monster.com.

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