What we're playing in December

What we’re playing in December

Published On December 1, 2008 | By Console Monster | Features

With the month of November over, the staff here at Console Monster reflect back at the last month’s current events in the gaming world, as well as give a little insight of their gaming antics this month, and what they are looking forward to playing next month.

Today we take a look ahead into the month and let you know what we’ll be playing and buying in December.

Craig: I better get back into Halo 3 otherwise my form will just continue to slump. However with Christmas this month, I will be looking to play Guitar Hero: World Tour as it has rocked its way onto my Christmas list.

Dave: To be honest, the only game I’m looking forward to next month (and the only one releasing looking around) is Prince of Persia. I’ve loved previous games and this new approach could either rise or sink the series. I will also be looking to playing some of my older titles and possibly any new titles I receive at Christmas.

Lauren: Prince of Persia! Played about an hours worth at The Gathering 08′ and I was very impressed. It’s good to get some more adventure titles out seeing that we are a little overrun with shooters.

I think people will be surprised with the direction they have taken PoP in, but I like it. The beautiful art style, the open-world game play and cheeky banter will make a refreshing change for Christmas. It’ll be nice to warm up in the desert during these freezing winter months.

Chris: More Left 4 Dead, simple as, and Christmas, where I will hopefully pick up Rock Band 2 for some Christmas rocking fun. But really, all I care about right now is Left 4 Dead. Zombies!

Reece: Having money and not neglecting my loved ones. Okay, well I will still be very poor and my loved ones will stay spending the majority of their time watching me play games… But! But!

Being Christmas, Gears of War 2 (I know, I have been very poor I am sorry!) and Prince of Persia should be filling my stockings. Either way I will be happy with the long list of games I still have to complete.

Anthony: This month ill be finishing up on Gears of War 2, maybe catching a little multiplayer time on the game and checking out Horde. I’ll be opening CoD World at War for the first time this month as I’ve been waiting till I’ve finished GoW2 first. I hope to pick up Prince of Persia and LittleBigPlanet this month too and check out the user created levels and possibly kicking up my feet and making one of my own over Christmas, as the TV over the festive period will be as usual, awful.

Rob: It is now a little quiet, so I think I’ll spend it completing the games I’ve got in 2008 and not finished. I really want to finish Fable 2 before I start anything more!

So there you have it. This month we’ll be either in Persia, in a Locus Hive or making our own world. Let us know what you will be picking up this month in the comments below. Tomorrow we’ll be giving you our views on the recently launched NXE on the Xbox 360.

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