ConsoleMonster and Sister Sites Launch

ConsoleMonster and Sister Sites Launch

Published On May 20, 2007 | By Console Monster | Features

At long last! After nearly a year of planning, and months of hard work, feature additions and hair pulling sessions, ConsoleMonster has finally arrived!

Its had numerous release dates, until finally we settled on a “when it’s ready” release, covering our own backs from countless errors, new addition ideas and colour changes (Wii Monster and PS3Monster ran through a fair few colour variations!)

So what have you got? Firstly, a very spunky new design. Secondly, a comprehensive next-generation fansite, running content on all three major next-generation consoles, the Xbox 360 (, the Playstation 3 ( and the Nintendo Wii ( is your main ‘hub’ covering the entire networks content.

If you’re a bit of a one-console fanboy (or girl), you can simply visit that consoles site section; either, or

We’ve tried to pack in as many new additions as we possibly could for the launch. These include the addition of a new Media viewing system, Arcade mini-reviews, article spotlights, individual platform RSS feeds and hardware reviews. You should notice a change in our scoring system as well, with percentages and plus/minus points taking the place of individual game section scores. Of course, all the features on the new sites are just skimming the surface of what we’re planning to add over the next few months, including User Reviews and Staff blogs.

We have some exciting launch competitions running sometime early next week, which we’ll let you know about as soon as possible – including the give-away of a rather expensive Cricket bat (if it hasn’t been stolen from the cupboard!) courtesy of Codemasters.

As well as that, we’ll be fully covering Ubidays, Ubisoft’s 2007 showcase event in Paris on the 23rd.

Until that time, please feel free to fully roam the entire site, take it all in, vote on the games (buy it or bin it) and leave your comments and suggestions in the forum.

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