Console Monster Weekly News Summary

Console Monster Weekly News Summary

Published On March 30, 2008 | By David Wriglesworth | Features

Another news-filled week has come to an end. Here’s a recap of this week’s top stories (week beginning 24th March):

Monster Mash Up Number 2 is here! (Monday 24th March)
After the success of the last mash up we have decided throw another one. Monster Mash Up will commence Sunday 30th March and there will be prizes for the winners…

TiQal Confirmed for XBOX Live Arcade Wednesday (Monday 24th March)
This week’s XBOX Live Arcade release has been confirmed as TiQal. In TiQal, you have been chosen to make an epic journey through many obstacles to seek the help of the gods…

Fallout 3 to have 200 endings (Monday 24th March)
Todd Howard of Bethesda, which is the development team behind Fallout 3, has said on the official Xbox podcast that there will be 200 endings for the anticipated Fallout 3

Microsoft Clamp Down on GamerScore “Cheats” (Tuesday 25th March)
Microsoft has today revealed how they are clamping down on GamerScore and Achievement tampering. Microsoft claim “XBOX LIVE remains committed to keeping the service free of cheating in order to maintain a fair and level playing field for everyone.”…

Ubisoft: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Patch in Development
(Tuesday 25th March)
Ubisoft today confirmed on their community forums that a patch to fix the Private First Class achievement in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is in development….

Bungie Reveal Blackout (Tuesday 25th March)
Bungie have revealed the third and final map in the upcoming Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack. The new map is called Blackout and is a remake of the classic Halo 2 map, Lockout.

UEFA Euro 2008 Demo Shoots Onto Marketplace (Thursday 27th March)
A demo for UEFA EURO 2008 is now available to download from the XBOX Live Marketplace. The demo which weighs in at 1.10GB is free and can be downloaded in all XBOX Live regions…

GTA:IV “Everyone’s A Rat” Trailer Released (Thursday 27th March)
The latest Grand Theft Auto: IV trailer “Good Lord, What Are You Doing? AKA Everyone’s A Rat” has gone live. The trailer was confirmed to be the last Rockstar would release before the game’s release on Tuesday 29th April…

Details of Army of Two Demo, Downloadable Content and Patch Revealed (Friday 28th March)
Army of Two Assistant Producer, Matt Turner has revealed on his upcoming blog, details about an Army of Two demo and new downloadable content…

Preview: Battlefield: Bad Company (Sunday 29th March)
Reece Warrender brings us his impressions of Battlefield: Bad Company BETA in our preview…

You can the rest of this week’s news stories and previous news stories here. What will next week bring? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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