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Dead Space 3
Xbox 360 Review

Our protagonist Isaac Clarke has previously been under a lot of pressure, what with the Necromorph onslaught and going through his own insanity in the earlier instalment of the series. So what’s in store this time for Isaac? 

If you are a fan of the franchise you will know that poor Isaac has been through plenty of ups and downs. Isaac Clarke is living on the lunar colony and is resting from all the secluded insanity from the previous two games. His former girlfriend, Ellie, is on her own adventure, seeking the origin of the mysterious Markers and their true purpose. While all of this is going on Unitology cultists have become rampant and want to take over everything and stop Isaac in his path. Isaac is soon pulled from his living space and joins Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver in finding Ellie and her team and try to make sense of what’s going on before EarthGov and all of civilisation meet their doom. Most of the game is set on a frozen planet called “Tau Volantis”, this is where you will face new types of Necromorphs, especially one rather big alien.

Even though Isaac has his own problems to deal with in the solo campaign, while in the co-op campaign you get to play as Carver and tag along with Isaac through the Necromorph onslaught.  With the single player campaign aside you can also play co-op with a friend. In co-op, you get to play as Carver, who is a marine that helps Isaac along the way. With this experience comes some  additional, and optional, co-op only missions, all of which will explain more about Carver and the player who controls him will also experience the true power of the Markers.

Playing alone in the solo campaign can be a daunting task, especially when taking on the Necromorphs on your lonesome. Isaac has been through enough already, so why don’t you bring along a buddy for the ride and have even more fire power along with it? 

Playing in co-op can have its advantages, but here it has some disadvantages too, such as increased difficulty and slower Medi-Gel use. While one of you is fending off wave after wave of crawling monsters, your buddy has a dilemma to tackle; protect your back or solve a puzzle at the same time. Whilst playing co-op, both of you will need to engage in teamwork to take down the Necromorphs. One flaw in the co-op is the gameplay mechanic itself - when you use a ladder and traverse down it your buddy has to wait for space before they can move down the ladder too - this can be hard, especially when a stampede of Necromorphs are on your back.

Another design flaw with this game is the layout of each level, especially when your down a narrow corridor and you don’t much space to manoeuvre around; this can be hard and make killing the Necromorphs frustrating at times. At certain parts of the game the level design appears to have been copied and pasted, which can leave you feeling like you’ve been there before. 

Another issue I had was with the inventory system, which cannot be manually sorted. This means that you have to use a large medi-pack first before a small medi-pack if you want to heal quickly, also you both cannot change suits at the same time but you can use a workbench together. 

There are good things to say about co-op and that’s the double firepower that you have. Once you have got the hang of things, when taking down the Necromorphs, you can use a workbench and craft high powered weapons from a single line cutter to a flame boost or electric shock shotgun. Once you have crafted your weapon you can share the blueprint of the gun with your friend who can then build the same weapon and even modify it to their own design. One excellent feature to the game is the scavenger bot, this allows you to place a small bot down and it will find additional resources for you and then take them back to the workbench for you to use to upgrade your weapons.

Dead Space 3 is less scary and more action-packed this time around. It’s like the developers just wanted to push the story on through (what’s left of it) and keep everything flowing. This does make you puzzled at times where at times you don’t really know what’s going on. Putting the game’s flaws behind, Dead Space 3 is still a fantastic game, the gore and additional cooperative missions house some intriguing effects, and the tension of hallways filled with enemies never fail to keep you coming back for more.  

Monster Score: 89%
  • Double firepower of weapons
  • Co-op works like a charm sometimes
  • Less scary
  • More action
  • Frequent level design layout
by Steven B   @DeepestOregon    19 Feb 2013

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Review: Dead Space 3


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Dead Space 3
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Xbox 360 Review 89%

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