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Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice
by Craig A   @dvx_uk   15 Oct 2012   1,706   Xbox 360 Review

“Using the same addictive gameplay you'll easily spend hours plugging away at your blueprints.” - A World of Keflings review, 22 December 2010.

Over a year and a half has passed since I reviewed A World of Keflings for Console Monster, and when the news came out that there was to be some downloadable content for the game, I was overjoyed. The Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice DLC has arrived and gives gamers a brand new kingdom to create; Candy Peak to be more precise.

After a quick refresher in the main game to re-kindle my skills I was ready to grab my spade, sharpen my shears and create a new kingdom for my keflings, or gingerlings as they're known in this DLC. It’s clear from the outset that everything is candy related, which is a real treat for us gamers. Trees are not just trees, they’re candy floss trees. Lakes are no longer just pools of water, but instead pools of swirling caramel. It’s certainly content that whets the taste buds.

The concept of the game remains the same. Retrieve enough resources to create specific parts of a building, then once you have created the required parts the building will spring up providing you with a sense of achievement, for you to then want to move onto the next blueprint. There are only twelve blueprints in total - Bakeries, Chocolate Chateau, A Confectioner and a Sugar Refinery to name all but a few - so the game is short in length. To completely run through the game it will take you about two hours, but two extremely enjoyable hours it must be said.

There is a storyline to the content whereby an evil wizard, Waldorf and his chubby sidekick Augustus, have taken control of Candy Peak and have tricked you into creating the kingdom for them. However you must help your friends, Gram Gram Crackers and Gumlop, Fluffton Nuttybuns and Charlie the Unicorn, regain control by working your way through the blueprints, which over time will dethrone the evil wizard. The nature of the game however, dictates that there isn’t much resistance from Waldorf, if any, and you can take your time collecting resources and completing your blueprints.

Throughout the game you will be greeted with cut scenes which are brilliantly done. The style is quirky if a bit cheesy, it does make you laugh and put a smile on your face. It fits right into the style of the game as does the lift music that plays in the background. It’s very relaxing and certainly doesn’t stress you out.

Overall the Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice DLC does exactly what it was supposed to do; provide new life into an excellent arcade game. Even if it is a little short, at only 320MS Points it is considered a bargain in this day and age. If you enjoyed playing A World of Keflings, you really should pick up the content now.

Monster Score: 85%
  • Fun and extremely enjoyable
  • Who doesn't like sweet related anything?
  • A good reason to play the game again
  • Around two hours in length
  • Not that challenging

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A World of Keflings (Xbox 360) 87%   
Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice (Xbox 360) 85%   
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