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by Craig A   @dvx_uk   1 Jun 2012   2,256   Xbox 360 Review

It’s never good to start a review on a negative but with Battleship I feel I have no other option. Based on the movie 'Battleship', Battleship The Videogame falls into the same old familiar trap of a movie-based video game. A rushed, quality-lacking, repetitive and very little replay value game which leaves you feeling like the sole purpose of the game was to make a quick buck. Here’s why Battleship falls into that category.

The first person shooter immediately starts you off in the boots of Cole Mathis, part of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EODT) team on the Hawaiian shore. Apart from being briefly told that you are part of the EODT team you start off by having to defuse old mines that cover the beach front. As you defuse the unexplained and still live mines, all of a sudden without reason the Hawaiian shoreline starts to be attacked by aliens. They pop up everywhere including the sea and it’s your mission to stop them.

You and your team must use any means necessary to stop the alien invasion. This involves plenty of shooting aliens with the limited weapons available and occasionally you’ll be required to call in airstrikes to help dispose of the bigger enemies. The aliens are pretty robotic and some of them just don’t die no matter how many times you shoot them with your weapons. 

Firepower isn’t the only weapon available to you, as the title suggests, you also have some battleships for assistance. Similar to the original, more enjoyable and definitely cheaper game, played with white and red pegs, you can at any given point pause the game and enter a secondary mode where you can control specific ships. You must use these ships to provide you with fire support as well as destroy enemy submarines that have appeared from thin air. 

You can add extra powers to these ships by collecting badges from fallen enemies. These badges add powers like ‘extra damage points’, 'fresh fleet of battleships' to actually being able to control the ships and specifically aim the turrets and manually fire at your chosen target. This is very short lived and after you’ve done it once you won’t be too fussed about doing it again. This format is rinse and repeat during the poultry four or five hours it will take you to complete the game.

What’s worse is the shooting and gameplay. The game feels like it has been thrown together so quick that it’s like you’re playing a first person shooter on the original Xbox. Invisible walls line the landscape and poor movement just make the game feel rough and for want of a better word, yuck. Obviously it’s not to the standard of Call of Duty, Halo or Battlefield, but when that’s what you’ve been used to, it really is a massive step down. The graphics aren’t any better either. They lack in any great depth, the characters look very generic and is nothing to talk about let alone scream. The only real highlight is the Hawaiian coastline, as it looks like a nice place to be, excluding the invading aliens of course.

So now you’ve endured such torture you would think you would be able to head online and compete with or against others. Well, I don’t want to dash your hopes but I’m afraid I’m going to have too - Battleship has no online and no offline multiplayer. Yes, you read that correct, it’s 2012 and some games are still being released without any online content. This is probably a blessing in disguise in all honesty.

It’s sad to see that this review is so short but there really is nothing else to add. The story is very lacklustre and plays out very poorly, like the movie. The gameplay is great if you’re judging it against a game from the previous generation. The lack of multiplayer is an unforeseen positive and it’s generally a game I never want to play again. My top tip, avoid and stick to the old school Battleships game. It’s far superior.

Monster Score: 27%
  • It reminded me to play the original Battleships game
  • No multiplayer
  • Poor gameplay
  • Poor graphics
  • Poor game

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Platforms: XB360 PS3
Publisher: Activision
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Genre: Other Shooter
Players: 1 Player
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Battleship (Xbox 360) 27%   

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