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Get Fit With Mel B
Xbox 360 Review

There are so many fitness games out there it can be a gruelling task trying to figure out which one is right for you and once you think you’ve found one to fit your needs, a new one comes out a few months later that has you re-thinking all over again. Get Fit With Mel B is the latest fitness game on the shelves and so, to try and clear up whether this is a suitable upgrade from your current fitness game or a good place to start; I have suffered at the hand of Mrs B so you can have your questions answered.

The game starts with the usual business by asking you key questions such as your height and weight and ensures you are standing a good distance away from the Kinect and have as little sunlight as possible. This process doesn’t take too long and once done shows a very impressive feed of you on the television screen which is used to map your movements in comparison to Mel B’s. Once you arrive at the main menu, you have a few choices to choose from, Today’s Workout, Choose Workout, Your Progress, Nutrition and Options. The first place you will want to start is in Today’s Workout where Mel B will ask what kind of workout you would like to do. You have a choice between fitness based workouts where you will be doing exercises such as lunges, crunches and press ups or aerobics where you can do dance, combat or cardio workouts. I will warn you now that when I chose to do a cardio based workout, the game started me in advanced cardio and almost killed me – thirty minutes of hell.

Each workout can last either fifteen or thirty minutes depending how long you wish to spend exercising on a daily basis and includes over two hundred different exercises, although you won’t have all these in one session, of course. Before you begin each exercise Mel B will give you a short explanation of what she would like you to do but it can be a little difficult to interpret this until you actually see it which means you miss out on the first couple of reps. This can be a problem if you choose to do lots of different workouts but if you decide to stick to the same workout every day you will become familiar with what she expects you do. The game tracks how well you are doing via a green bar on the right side of the screen and each time you finish an exercise will give you a percentage of how well you’ve done. At the end of each workout you will have a more detailed description of how well you’ve done followed by how many calories you’ve burnt which is represented by types of food such as a cake, chocolate bar and so on.

Depending on what goals you have set yourself, be it a healthy heart or trying to lose a few extra pounds for the big day, the workout that is set in Today’s Workout will remain the same but if you would like to try out something different you can do this from the Choose Workout menu. The Your Progress section allows you to see detailed information on what you have accomplished while playing the game such as the time you’ve spent on both aerobics and fitness based workouts, the total reps you’ve performed, how many calories you have burnt and any medals you have earned.

The Nutrition section of the game has something you don’t see in many fitness games, a calendar where you can organise what meals you eat at different times of the day to accompany your fitness schedule. It also has a selection of recipes for dishes appropriate to the workouts you are currently doing. Lastly, we have the options menu which has the normal things you would expect to find here as well as a place to tell the game any equipment you may have purchased such as weights or exercise mats, update stats like your weight and change the location you do your workouts in.

Apart from a monster workout at the beginning, the game is a very good addition to the fitness game family and if you stick with it you will reach your goals in no time. The addition of the recipes lets it stand apart from other fitness games out there and can even expose you to different foods which you may not have considered eating in the past. The really good thing about Get Fit With Mel B is the price. For some strange reason the cost of this game has gone down rapidly and can be found for as little as five pounds, so even if you find it’s not the game for you, you can’t complain at that price.

Monster Score: 70%
  • Good selection of exercises
  • Recipes for some nice meals
  • Easy to control with Kinect
  • Beginning can be quite demanding
by Tim L   @Syio    2 Aug 2011

Review: Get Fit With Mel B


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Get Fit With Mel B
Platforms: XB360 PS3
Publisher: BlackBean Games
Developer: Lightning Fish Games Ltd
Genre: Other Sport
Players: 1 Player
Xbox 360 Review 70%

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