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Truth Or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught Out
Xbox 360 Review

Truth or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught is one of the best video games currently on the market. Its fun factor and highly-accurate results make this a must purchase for anyone’s game collection. While this is quite clearly a lie, Truth or Lies, from THQ, would more than likely identify this as the truth.

Truth or Lies has players answering questions, using a USB or wireless microphone, such as: “What obscure thing is your partner very talented at?” and (my personal favourite) “Would you rather watch a man get hit by a speeding truck or your parents having sex?”

The concept is quite an interesting one: a video game being able to identify whether you are telling the truth or lying about something – the idea is certainly there. However, the game’s execution is dismal, as it simply alternates between truth and lies. On top of that, the questions aren’t particularly interesting (with the rare exception), whereas questions such as: “Is your partner having an affair with your next door neighbour?” would almost definitely add more of a fun factor to the title.

The game’s questions are split into five categories: Kids, Teens, Couples, Adults and Families. While there are some noticeable differences between the questions, the vast majority remain pretty much identical throughout each of the categories.

Before players can actually play a game, they are required to create an in-game profile. While it would have been more beneficial for gamer profiles to be used, this would not have been possible due to the limited number of profiles the Xbox 360 supports. Needless to say, the profiles themselves are pretty poor. Players are only able to choose from a select range of icons, from people to animals. This is followed by choosing a name and then saying it into a microphone. Oddly, the game chooses to ignore this and assigns the player a name of an object, such as “pumpkin.”

Truth or Lies consists of two game modes: Normal and Hot Seat. Normal sees up to eight players being asked questions in a number of rounds. Points are scored based on whether the player is telling the truth or a lie. The ultimate winner is the person with the most points at the end of the game. As mentioned above, whether your answer is the truth or a lie is decided totally at random and therefore there’s no real skill in winning, thus making the game mode frustrating.

Hot Seat does pretty much what it says on the tin, placing a player in the virtual hot seat. They are then asked a question by fellow players which the player in the hot seat answers. This is a very simple game mode with no real rewards and, once again, the total randomness of the outcome ruins what would have been a great concept.

Graphically, Truth or Lies has a gameshow-style look with its bright looks and layout. The photographs that appear on certain questions are a nice touch and the menu design is very simple to follow.

As for the audio, this is definitely a game to keep on mute. The game’s announcer, who reads out all the questions and provides comments for pretty much everything, which wouldn’t be so bad if players were able to skip it. Not only that, but the game’s soundtrack also gets repetitive quickly.

There is one big advantage to Truth or Lies – the game’s achievements, which will appeal to achievement junkies. Rewarding players 20 GamerScore for simply calibrating your voice and a whopping 65 GamerScore for recording 20 Hot Seat questions, it really is that easy.

Overall, Truth or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught is a rental at best and even that is being generous. The game is more frustrating than fun but will earn achievement junkies easy points.

Monster Score: 20%
  • Easy 1,000 GamerScore
  • Can be bought for cheap
  • More frustrating than fun
  • Poor questions
  • Game gets repetitive quickly
by David W   @Wriggy    18 Jun 2011

Review: Truth Or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught Out

Game Details
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Truth Or Lies: Someone Will Get Caught Out
Platforms: XB360 PS3
Publisher: THQ
Developer: THQ
Genre: Party
Players: 1 Player
Xbox 360 Review 20%

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