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Quantum Theory
Xbox 360 Review

Why does everything that contains the word ‘Quantum’ in it have to be so difficult? I will never understand Quantum Physics in my lifetime nor will I understand why anyone in their right mind would want to play Quantum Theory. Prepare yourself as things are about to get very messy!

I hadn’t heard much about Quantum Theory prior to accepting it for review so I was going in blind but a short time after starting the game I could see why no one was talking about it. I will try to explain the story as best I can but to be honest I didn’t really get it myself. You begin the game as a guy who goes by the name of Syd and you are accompanied by a woman whose name I have forgotten as she dies in the first 5 minutes of the game. Syd narrates the entire game talking about how everyone dies but him and that he must destroy the Arks, which are towers that are spread across the world, and that’s about it…you travel from room to room killing whatever you find inside with whatever you find until you get to the end of the game – not that fun.

If you have watched a trailer for Quantum Theory or seen some screenshots I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it looks like a clone of Gears of War, just with worse graphics. The control system is almost identical to GoW, with you choosing weapons with the d-pad and the game has also borrowed the covering system which sees you slamming into walls and sticking to them until you press a button to release. Quantum Theory feels like it’s the alpha version of Gears of War with so many problems like sluggish controls, getting stuck behind cover that doesn’t actually block incoming attacks and a story that doesn’t progress that well. I say this because around halfway through the game you are forced to play through a couple of chapters that act as a prologue to the main story. Now, it’s great that I was given some background information and that it did answer a few of the many questions I had but it also took away most of the cool abilities I had been given up to that point and increased the difficulty of the enemies – seriously, what the hell?

The abilities I speak of are combos you perform with a woman named Filena, who you find wandering around one of the Arks, and require you press the melee button at the right time in order to execute. You can also press the LB launch Filena at the enemies, yep you heard me right, you throw her at enemies and she will slice them up if you hold the button down or just stun them for a few seconds if you quickly tap the button. You also have a large selection of weapons to choose from with such names as Ifrit but basically it’s an awesomely named grenade launcher. As briefly mentioned above the covering system doesn’t always work as intended and at some points you simply can’t take cover because the AI just flank you with nothing you can do about it. The amount of times I was just running around like a headless chicken trying to kill anything with random shots was unbelievable.

The one good thing I can say about Quantum Theory is that the environment is very interesting. When you are traversing the Arks the environments are constantly changing and by this I mean while walking across a walkway, the piece you are standing on at the time may break away from the rest and starting moving to another location in the room. This is good because the areas never look the same but as I said before this was annoying as I had no idea where enemies would come from next and was constantly getting overrun. If Filena had kept with me the entire time and I didn’t lose her because she was always a few steps behind, maybe the battles would have been a bit easier but as it stands the combat system is just highly frustrating.

Honestly, I think I’ve slated this game enough and despite what this review may suggest, I really don’t like reporting that games are this bad. I didn't mention much on the multiplayer mode and that's because it's very simplistic. It offers a few game modes with limited options to customise them to your preference. Also, for some reason, you can't access a menu while playing multiplayer nor can you check scores - odd.

All I can say is, don’t spend your money on this game because you will be very disappointed and with so many good releases coming out this month, it’s not like you will need much persuasion to go and purchase something else!

Monster Score: 30%
  • Environments constantly change
  • Nice selection of weapons
  • Covering system is awful
  • Lose your abilities every now and then
  • Simple multiplayer mode
by Tim L   @Syio    7 Oct 2010

Review: Quantum Theory

Game Details
Game Hub
Quantum Theory
Platforms: XB360 PS3
Publisher: TECMO KOEI
Developer: T&E Soft
Genre: Action
Players: 1 Player
Xbox 360 Review 30%

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