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Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta
Xbox 360 Review

The latest (and apparently final) DLC for Fallout 3 has landed, and is out of this world. Stepping into the wastelands after installing the DLC for the typical price of 800 points will have a new radio signal available, of a strange dialect that cannot be understood. Upon investigating where the signal is originating from, everything gets a little alien.

As you discover the location of the signal you will be welcomed with the sight of an alien spaceship, which will promptly result in your slow rise into the air, being abducted without a seconds notice. Be warned however, if you are yet wanting to take a lengthy break from the wastelands, as once the abduction begins you may be leaving the planet for quite some time.

As you come around, after an eerie and frightful introduction to the alien species, you will be trapped and unfortunately not alone. Your fellow prisoner, as annoying as she can be, will be helpful in working your way out of the prison cell – and off of the ship. She is not the only friendly face you will find however, as the DLC sees fellow earth beings joining along to help; my favourite of which being a Samurai that has no understanding whatsoever of English.

The DLC offers a wealth of new items, weapons, armour and enemies as is typical from previous instalments, and all of which add to the game well. The aliens in particular are well designed, of a similar style to the generic alien vision that we have created (or that some think to have seen). This fits in particularly well as the large heads are very sensitive to gunfire, and the destructive weaponry that you will soon pillage from the ship can be the perfect platform for painting the walls with alien brain slime.

Without spoiling too much of the adventure that awaits, you will ultimately conclude the DLC in a fantastic battle, which is the perfect end to the Fallout 3 saga – and a fitting farewell to a game which has consumed more time of mine on the 360 than any other.

As always with the DLC developed for Fallout 3 by Bethesda, the depth and attention to detail is fantastic. There is a wealth of enjoyment to be had and Bethesda has truly shown the world how DLC should be designed, developed and distributed. This year has been a grand one for DLC, a trend which I feel will only continue to grow thanks in part to Fallout 3. A definite purchase for fans of the original game and the previous content packs.

Monster Score: 89%
  • Yet more value for money
  • Unique surroundings are appreciated
  • Galactic battle is galactic
  • It’s the end of a success story
  • Murdering some aliens gives bad karma...
  • ... but it felt too good to avoid.
by Reece W   @Wo33er    20 Aug 2009

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