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Hannah Montana: The Movie
Xbox 360 Review

Some of you may know Miley Cyrus for her Musical Career, some of you may know Miley Cyrus for her split personality role in Hannah Montana a country girl by day and a rock star by night, however, you know you're about to see a different side to Miley Cyrus as she sings and awkwardly dances her way on to our Xbox 360 in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Hannah Montana: The Movie let’s you take control of your favourite character(s) Miley Stewart the country girl next door by day and by night the ambitious and good-looking, Hannah Montana who performs to thousands of screaming fans with songs such as the ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ and ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ It’s just a shame that performing at massive concerts isn’t as fun as it should have been, the controls seem clunky and unresponsive and the set pieces where you have to press certain buttons at particular times have no logic to them and often leave you frustrated. With that being said, the songs are catchy, enjoyable and often have you singing along. (Not me though... honest).

Once you’ve completed one of the many concerts you can then proceed back to Grandma Ruby’s Farmhouse where you’ll be able to partake in many activities including riding Miley’s very own horse – Blue Jeans, finding objects for the love of your life and talking to your real life dad – Billy Ray Cyrus (Achy Breaky Heart). You’ll also be able to travel to four other locations – The Petting Zoo, Meadow Hall, The University and The Fairgrounds. At each location you will be able to enjoy many side games for example at the Fairground you’ll be able to play Bottle Toss, Frog Hop and Horse Racing which funnily enough this is the most exciting part of the game. Each game that you win you’ll be awarded tokens and what do tokens buy? Clothes. You can choose from hundreds of different items, from shoes to dresses and for every event and activity you take part in, there’s an outfit and an achievement.

For all you achievement junkies out there, you will easily be able to obtain all 1,000 gamerscore, by simply playing through the game and going shopping with the girls. Oh c’mon like you didn’t purchase Hannah Montana for the achievements. (Ed – I am so there!)

As you’d expect the visual presentation in Hannah Montana: The Game isn’t going to win awards, however the animation and movements mimic Miley Cyrus to a tee. It’s a shame that Disney Interactive Studios never spent more time on updating the graphics seeing as Hannah Montana is such a big franchise and that for some reason unknown to me Miley/Hannah cannot run in the game only walk at snail’s pace which gives you more time to look at horrible pixels.

One of the lowest points of the game is the awful background music, which is obviously stuck on repeat; it becomes apparent very fast that you better have your I-Pod charged and ready to go to drown out the mundane and quite frankly tedious music. Although, the background music is shockingly awful when you do take control of Miley Stewarts alter-ego Hannah Montana the game comes to life with full length songs from her album and her TV Series of the same name. This being said for its target audience I’m sure this isn’t an issue.

In conclusion Hannah Montana: The Movie isn’t a total flop there are some good points to the game such as the array of songs, fairground games and the gorgeous Miley Cyrus, while this game isn’t worth the price tag it’s definitely worth a rent.

Monster Score: 30%
  • Fun Mini Games
  • Good Animation
  • Clunky and Unresponsive Controls
  • Terrible Background Music
  • Cheap attempt at cashing in on the Move
by Luke D       4 Jun 2009

Review: Hannah Montana: The Movie (360)


Trophies: Hannah Montana: The Movie


Achievements: Hannah Montana: The Movie

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