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Those of you who’ve been around the block a few times will need to cast their minds back to November 1995, when we saw Warhawk hit the Playstation one. Twelve years on and we’ve now got a remake of that Sony classic, but this time on the Playstation 3. There aren’t very many games that focus solely on the multiplayer aspect of gaming, and with the majority of gamers now enjoying online gaming, it’s no surprise that Warhawk has an eager following.

The game sets two armies against each other, the Eucadian and the Chernovan forces. Whichever one takes your fancy, you’ll be blessed with a plethora of wonderful weapons of war, ranging from rockets and flamethrowers to tanks and jeeps. Of course, the main weapon of the game is the Warhawk, a powerful plane stacked to the brim with weapons and functions.

Sony boast a SIXAXIS control system for the Warhawks (and every other vehicle for that matter) meaning you can use the tilt function of the PS3 controller to pitch, yaw and roll the warhawk as you soar above the battlefield. For the first two or three battles, the SIXAXIS controls feel nice, react well, and are a refreshing change to buttons. However, once you start getting into the game a bit more, you’ll soon realise that you just don’t have enough control of the plane to eliminate opponents. You’ll soon get frustrated when those using the analogue stick blast you out of the skies five hundred times.

Once you finally humble yourself back to the analogue sticks, the Warhawks become an awesome vehicle, with superb control and fantastic firepower. Dogfights above the already bustling battlefield below are immensely entertaining and sometimes quite frantic.

If you prefer to keep to the ground, you can of course jump into a tank or jeep. The tanks are pretty much what you’d expect, with a large cannon to take out other land vehicles (and if you’re a good shot, Warhawks out of the sky) along with a mounted machine gun for popping a shell in land troops.

The jeeps are obviously somewhat faster, and are also mounted with a machine gun in which an ally can jump on – but one decent shot from a Warhawk missile or a tank shell and you’ll be waiting for the respawn counter to tick back to zero!

The main problem with any land battles, whether you’re on your feet with a rocket launcher, or in a tank, is you don’t get to fully appreciate the graphical amazement compared to when you’re in a warhawk. From the sky, each and every map looks superb, especially in high definition. Obviously that graphical excellence is paralleled on the ground, but the amazing draw distances can only be seen from the sky – but don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot of the sky, because the Warhawks are by far the best vehicle.

Whilst we’re on the subject of maps, it’s worth mentioning that currently there are only five maps to choose from, and although they are quite fast in size and diversity, it can still be a bit frustrating to see the same map everytime. That being said, Sony are bound to release map packs via the PSN over time.

Multiplayer game modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, which are all pretty standard. There is also a mode called zones. It is similar to Team Deathmatch, but involves capturing bases scattered throughout the map. The boundaries of the base can grow by continuing to stay in the zone radius. Once two of the zones are large enough, they will merge together which creates more spawn points and vehicles for your team.

There seems to be a decent amount of customisation throughout the multiplayer experience. Every small detail about the server can be set, from the kill limit, to the time frame – which is to be expected from a multiplayer only title. As well as that, you can customise the look of your soldier - right down to his boots – and change the colour scheme and combat insignia of your vehicles.

All-in-all, Warhawk is a great title. The fact that it is a multiplayer only title means that the games focus is solely on one aspect, and so therefore produces a well thought out and enjoyable experience. What’s even better, is not only that Warhawk is a PS3 exclusive (The more the better!) but also that it’s downloadable via the PSN right now!

Monster Score: 87%
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Hectic 32-player online gaming
  • Warhawks are simply superb fun
  • SIXAXIS Warhawk controls aren't that great
  • Only 5 maps to play with
  • Not a huge variety of game modes
by Russ C       5 Sep 2007

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Platforms: PS3
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Incog Inc.
Genre: Combat Simulation
Players: 1-4 Players
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PS3 Preview
PS3 Review 87%

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